How do I schedule an appointment?

You should first determine if you would like to schedule an appointment with Christen or Kathryn. For more information on our particular specialties, therapeutic approaches, and availability, visit our about us page.

Once you have identified the therapist you would like to see, you may schedule an appointment in one of two ways:

  1. Call to schedule an appointment with your therapist.
  2. You may send an e-mail to your therapist to set up an appointment. Please note, e-mail is not a confidential form of communication.

Your therapist will e-mail you forms needed for your first appointment once your appointment has been scheduled.

Affordable Therapy

We believe that all individuals should have access to quality mental health care and counseling. If you are undergoing financial hardship we may be able to offer you a reduced fee. Please contact (713-259-9049) for more information and an application to apply for this service.

Christen Sistrunk, LPC
Christen Sistrunk, LPCTherapist 832-283-9199
Kathryn Tipton, LPC
Kathryn Tipton, LPCTherapist 713-259-9049