Given that voting ends and starts tomorrow, I thought it would be good to address voting stress. Over the past year, we have each been increasingly exposed to commercials, signs, news coverage, and social media posts. It is hard to escape everyone’s opinion on who should serve in the many offices up for grabs this year, and  in particular, the presidential seat. Personally, I’ve seen ranting posts, videos, and news stories on both sides of the fence in this election cycle more than ever before. As we continue to progress into the 24/7 coverage and media access, it is often necessary to take a step back and take a deep breath. If you have been feeling overwhelmed or even just annoyed with the recent election and all of the media coverage,  here are a few ideas to help you cope:


  1. Get familiar with your local election (
  1.  Go ahead and take a deep breath or three (
  1. Give yourself a media break by turning off the TV for a bit or even your phone
  1. Ground yourself. Get outside and bring your attention to the feeling of the breeze and the sounds of the world.
  1. Step back from the large view of the world and think small. Consider who and what you hold most dear to you in your heart and remind yourself of their constant presence, regardless of election outcomes.